Weddings today cost on average over $20K. There is paying for the dress, the tuxedo, the bridesmaids and groomsman, travel expenses, catering, the bar, the hall or venue, the band or DJ. Hotels and Limo, and the great honeymoon all are big expenses. What happens when a storm comes along and rains out the wedding? What if the groom gets cold feet or the bride breaks her leg? We offer Wedding insurance that can cover you when the unexpected happens. There are also insurance policies available for artwork, insurance for important people (VIP) within your organization, kidnap and ransom insurance, sports injury insurance and insurance for your pets. You can even get insurance for your fantasy sports teams (if your best fantasy player gets an injury, you can file a claim…REALLY!). With all that goes on in your life, you need to be covered. Call Risk Managers Insurance Agency to discuss all of your insurance needs, from auto to business, to group, to health insurance, and even wedding insurance, we have the plans for your life.

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