Looking at recent articles and survey’s surrounding The President’s healthcare plan, it appears that the overall effect of the policy is going to drive costs to the insured up by as much as 32% as opposed to lowering premiums. A study released by the Society of Actuaries estimates that individual premiums will rise nationwide over the next three years. This coupled with some state governors not seeing the Medicaid expansion as an attractive benefit and not setting up the insurance exchanges, as well as the medical device tax being anti-technology and anti-jobs, is making the healthcare act do the exact opposite of what the President was trying to do. Not only is the cost looking like it will rise, the taxes and regulations are helping to put the brakes on full time hiring, which was suppose to be another benefit of the program. Add to that the lawsuits from the contraceptive mandate from religious institutions and individual employers and you have quite a problem in perceiving how this program is moving the country forward.

There is also a glitch in the law that will leave millions of Americans priced out of healthcare insurance because the family coverage offered by their employers will be unaffordable. You can read more about the recent findings in an article by Jennifer Rubin here.

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