A large number of local employers seem to be taking a wait and see attitude when it comes to the new healthcare act that goes into effect on January 1, 2014.  In an article by J.K. Wall in the Indianapolis Business Journal (http://www.ibj.com/employers-reform-impact-small-2014/PARAMS/article/40655) he states that there are so many variables in the new act, that a lot of people who help shape and consult with companies (including us) are advising some clients to let 2014 play out before deciding the best practice approach to the new act.

With the healthcare laws that will seem to effect small companies (less than 50 employees), there are lots and lots of companies just in Central Indiana that will have to make decisions in the next year or so.  Unfortunately, to make major changes in healthcare insurance, companies would have to have rates out soon, and most companies would not even have rates for next year until August at the earliest.  Also, with insurance exchanges still being set up, or not set up, depending on the State, there just is too much unknown at this point for small companies to make an informed decision on their future healthcare plans at this point.

At RMIA, we help companies and individuals with all of their insurance needs.  With so much uncertainty in what the next two years hold, it pays to have a partner like us to help you cover the things that mean most to you.  Call us today!

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