It seems more and more companies are moving to a high-deductable healthcare plan, and are coupling that with a healthcare savings account (HAS) in order to lower costs and increase benefits available to their employees. According to a recent Towers and Watson survey, 66% of companies 1000 employees or larger are offering at least one high-deductable plan and a HSA. The survey says that the number should grow to 80% next year. Small companies in the survey are expected to have an increase in these plans also.
It makes sense for small companies to look at high-deductable plans and couple them with healthcare savings accounts for a number of reasons. It is less expensive for employees to have a high-deductable plan, and they can put some money in a HSA (which the employer may put into also), and still spend less money per year, even with the higher deductable. It is also less expensive for the employer, and they can use the additional savings for other perks for their employees. Another reason for companies to look at these plans is ObamaCare. Starting next year, companies have to offer insurance that is deemed “affordable” for employees. These high deductable plans fit that bill. HSA plans also help make these high deductable plans look better as they help drive spending down since most of the money is put in by the employee.

Companies using high-deductable plans coupled with HSA’s and encouraging a healthier lifestyle will find that they can keep expenses down and also end up with a healthier workforce. You can read additional information about high-deductable health plans here in an article at by Michelle Andrews.
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