The last snow of the year (we hope) is starting to melt, and we are concentrating on spring. Warmer weather, flowers blooming, getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and all that comes with spring. Other things we concentrate on at Risk Managers is making sure you are protected. With the weather changing, don’t forget to give your car a good cleaning inside and out, and get the oil changed and make sure your vehicle is in great working condition for those runs to the ice cream shop.

Other things to concentrate on are being more aware when you drive. With spring come walkers, runners, bicycles, motorcycles and pets. Be aware of your surroundings as you enjoy the spring. If you are one of those runners or walkers or bikers, make sure you are wearing reflective clothing and can be seen by motorists.

It is also a time that ATV and motorcycle enthusiasts to get their equipment out to make sure it is ready to go. You will also see boaters getting their boats and gear together and prepping for the first splash of the year. You will also notice campers’ getting their RV’s washed and packed for the first road trip of the year. RMIA has coverage options for your RV, ATV, Motorcycle and Boat. Make sure you check with us on your coverage before hitting the road, off road or lake.

Risk Manager Insurance is a full service insurance agency that supplies you with top coverage at great prices. Give us a call us today to see how we can help you.

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