The Associated Press is reporting that the Healthcare Reform Application that we all have to fill out is being re-written, as the current state of the application is too long and detailed. This is not a good start, as the application was set to be in place for a rollout of October 1, 2013. This application is extremely important for the States that do not have an Insurance Exchange set up. Currently, 24 States have been approved to run an exchange (including Indiana), which leaves 26 States that will be run by the Federal Government exchange. If the Federal Government is having trouble just getting the application together, imagine how the actual exchange will look. You can learn more about the application issue here.
With the new exchanges, there will be a lot of choices. The current outline of the set up of the exchanges shows offerings of everything from a bare bones policy to a very expensive one (currently named Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). Of the States that have been approved for exchanges, only Massachusetts has an exchange up and running. According to Stephanie Nichols, spokesperson for the Commonwealth Health Connector, MA has nine insurance carriers in their exchange offering 99 different plans. 99 Plans…for one state! Imagine what the Federal Government plan could look like.
Some things are for sure. There will be lots of options, and what you have now most likely will cost more. Furthermore, what we pay for here in Indiana will more than likely cost something different in Ohio. To learn more, you can go here.
Regardless of how it all works out, you can count on Risk Managers Insurance Agency to help you through the process, and be your partner in all your insurance needs.

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