Buying a car, whether new or used, typically is a trying experience. You do research on line, read magazines, talk to your friends, get on social media, looking for the best deal, or the safest car, or the best mileage vehicle, or one the whole family can fit into comfortably. You compare features, options, colors, makes and models. You might even compare dealerships, look at how other customers have rated them, or learn about their reputations. After all of that, you are ready to buy a vehicle. Then, you go to the dealership, and all that work goes out the window. Here is what else you have to be ready for:

1) Don’t get sold a car, buy a car.
The dealership and the salesperson who is helping you sell cars every day. You may buy a car once every three to five years. They are experienced, and know the process, and lead you through a process in order to sell you a car. Good sales people make you feel like you are buying a car, not being “sold” a car. Remember, they have good information on all their vehicles, but at the end of the day, they are trying to sell you a car. Don’t get pushed into something you really were not planning on.

2) Take your time to buy
Car dealerships use a couple of tricks to get you to buy from them on the day you go to the dealership. One trick is to keep you there as long as possible. If you have invested 3 or 4 hours in filling out paperwork, looking through the lot, and test driving, you probably won’t want to do that at another dealership that day…the longer they keep you , the less you are likely to buy from someone else. So make plans to spend a week or two on the process. Do one dealership a day if you are looking for the best deal.

3) The real deal happens in the finance office, not with the salesperson
When you pick out the car, and agree on the price with the salesperson, they take you to the finance office to do all the paperwork. The finance person will try to add on things to the deal to make more money for the dealership. Things like gap insurance, service agreements, etching the glass for vehicle identification, and other items are offered to increase the profit of the deal. Use your discretion on these items, but we recommend using your auto insurance company for any type of insurance product they may offer. Also, if you are not comfortable with the deal you are getting, let the finance person know. They will really work hard to keep your business, as they do not want lose the opportunity for the sale. So, if you have a trade, maybe ask for more money for it. Or try to sweeten the deal. The finance person does not want to face his boss by letting a deal get away. Your real power in buying the car happens in the finance office. Don’t be afraid of walking away if you are not comfortable. The finance person has the power to make a lot happen, so don’t get pushed around when you are in the finance office.

4) Don’t forget to contact your insurance agent before you buy
Your insurance agent is a valuable resource when looking to buy a new vehicle. They have accident statistics, theft information, and can help you compare rates on vehicles. Remember, if you are financing a car and have a budget, you need to include your insurance (as well as taxes and registration and plates) into your budget number. Your agent can help you with all of that.

At Risk Managers Insurance Agency, we specialize in helping our customers get the best coverage for the best price. We make sure we understand your situation and needs, and apply our experience and knowledge to get you the coverage you need. Call us today and see how we can make your life easier.

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