Families USA, a consumer advocate group that helped push through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) estimates that even though healthcare costs will rise in Indiana higher than the national average, there will be over half a million Hoosiers and their dependents eligible for tax credit subsidies to offset the costs of the new plans according to recent studies reported by the Indianapolis Star. http://www.indystar.com/article/20130416/BUSINESS/304160116/Hoosiers-eligible-health-insurance-subsidies-premiums-could-rise-studies-say  “The tax credit subsidies are a game-changer,” said Ron Pollack, Families USA executive director. “They will make health coverage affordable for huge numbers of uninsured families.”

While Families USA director thinks that healthcare will now be affordable, the Society of Actuaries estimates that premiums will rise 32% by 2017 due to the number of claims expected to increase because of people who will now be insured with pre-existing conditions.  That doesn’t count the additional 38,000 people who would be newly eligible for addiction treatment.  With 800,000 Hoosiers without insurance today, coupled with an estimate that claims will go up 68% in Indiana after the ACA goes into effect, the real cost is going to be in healthcare itself.

Where will all of these patients go?  Are there currently enough Doctors, Nurses and facilities to handle the influx of new business?  No, there is not.  And with the sweeping changes, some people are opting out of Medical Schools, some Doctors are closing their practices or selling them off.  There is a story here   about Doctors walking out of a popular trade conference when the ACA implementation conversation started.  There will be a lot conversation and posturing over the next few months as healthcare providers try to figure out how they will manage their practices with more patients and a good possibility of less money coming in.

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