More and more companies are seeking assistance from a PEO (Professional Employer Organization).  PEO’s can provide access to a comprehensive employee benefits package, provide HR tasks, payroll, and training.  Because a PEO does all of this for a group of companies, rather than just one, it can typically achieve economies of scale that individual companies can not achieve.


Through the years, the number of employment laws and regulations has grown from 33 in 1980 to almost 100 currently.  A PEO has a staff of experts that can guide you through each area and ensure that you are compliant.  You can learn more about how PEO’s can assist you in a recent article from Entrepreneur here   

At RMIA, we partner with Managepoint, a locally owned and operated PEO.  Utilizing our combined expertise, we can help you get the best coverage you can get and keep you in compliance.  Call us today to learn more.


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