With the tragedy in Boston still fresh on everyone’s mind, this week would be a good week to go through your disaster recovery plan.  Whether you own a business or are employed by one, everyone has ownership when it comes to an emergency.  Before disaster strikes, you must have some things in place.

Start with insurance.  Make sure you have personal and business policies for everything that is valuable.  Make sure you have a plan in place for your data and important information.  Back up all on-line data to a secure site regularly.  Have an evacuation plan and a communication plan in place for employees and family members.  If something happens at the office, there should be a clear line of who is in charge depending on who Is in the office.  If something happens at home, make sure everyone in the family has a meeting spot or a person to report into.

After an emergency, for businesses, there are lots of things to prepare for.  If the business has been damaged, do employees work from home?  If they can’t and the business is closed for a while, do they get paid?  Do they have to take vacation or personal time?  These things need to be planned for way ahead of time.  What about benefits, counseling services, payroll, how will these be handled and communicated?  Tlnt.com has more advice for handling emergencies, and you can read more here.   RMIA is a full service insurance agency that works with you to protect and manage the things that are most valuable.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you in any situation.

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