Race for Skin Cancer Education / Melanoma Research20160618_183436

Sometimes I wonder how people talk me into these races. I speak to you now with every muscle in my body sore. Run/walking 5 miles was hard on a mom of 3 littles. But every ache is worth it.

You see I raced for a great cause that is on my mind quite a bit. Every time I look in the mirror I look for differences in my skin. About 3 years ago I had a mole removed that came back precancerous. In my younger years I was not careful with my fair Irish skin. Thanks to that accumulated sun damage I get to see my dermatologist, Dawes Fretzin Dermatology every year.

As I raced behind runners that had signs on their back saying things like “I’m a survivor”, “In memory of…”, “Jacob Strong” I realize that the sun touches many and there is a great respect for it. We need to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Here are some great sunscreen tips.

Want to know more information and statistics on Melanoma?

I look forward to next year’s scenic run through the beautiful Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park.


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